No Benefit Using Evening Primrose Oil For Eczema Sufferers

Some people turn to evening primrose oil and borage oil as a complimentary treatment to relieve them of their eczema problem. It is believed that it can improve dry and scaly skin conditions. Unfortunately, that believe is now said to be false. Researchers from the University of Minnesota Medical School and Essentia Health System in Duluth, Minnesota, US have come out to say that eczema sufferers are not going to benefit much from using those 2 oils. 

Their research encompassed 27 studies: 19 used evening primrose oil, 8 used borage oil. A total of 1596 people were involved. They not only looked at adults but children as well. Treatments lasted between 3-24 weeks. Some subjects used evening primrose oil or borage oil treatment while others were on a placebo.

Nineteen of the studies looked at evening primrose oil, while eight studies examined borage oil. In the studies, subjects used the treatments, or a placebo, for between three to 24 weeks. The two oils are rich in gamma linoleic acid. It is this ingredient that convinced people that it could improve their eczema condition. Unfortunately, this current research points out its ineffectiveness. Furthermore, this research provided quite strong evidence. Joel Bamford, the lead researcher commented that if would be quite difficult for other researchers to justify doing more studies in this subject matter.

Children that have eczema may or may not see the problem disappear as they grow older. About 40% of people will continue to have it into adulthood. Conventional treatments include ointments, creams, topical steroids, antihistamines and bath additives.

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