How To Fade Age Spots On Your Hands

Often, your face gives away your age. However, your hands can be a sign of aging. If you worship the sun a lot during your young days, don’t be surprised when you notice age spots on your hands. Of course, there are solutions to get rid of them.

Age spots or otherwise known as sun spots are caused by long-term sun exposure. You may not have to go to the beach for suntan or spend most of your free time outdoors to get age spots. It is just the amount of time that your hand is exposed to the sun.

Age Spots on Hands
For age spots on the hands, you can easily tell. Do a simple test. Usually the skin on the inside of your wrist is almost the same as the back of your hands.

For recent sun spots, you can reduce them using over-the-counter creams. The best skin lightening cream for dark spots usually contains effective natural tyrosinase inhibitors such as soy, arbutin, and licorice. If you want something stronger, ask your dermatologist for tretinoin creams.

You may even consider chemical peels, cryosurgery or laser to fade brown spots on your hands. Obviously, they are going to cost you more money.

Whatever method you use, your hands will take a longer time to improve than your face. So be patient.

At the same time, you should use a broad spectrum sunscreen with high SPF. Sun rays can stimulate the melanocytes to produce melanin. By using sunscreen, you can stop new age spots from appearing and speed up the lightening of current spots.

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