Fading Dark Spots Without Making You Look Like Michael Jackson

Fading Dark SpotsSometimes you think you will never worry about spots because of your pristine skin. Yet one of the things that will stalk you later in life is dark spots. They can have a bearing on your flawless complexion. Well, if you implement a daily skin care routine, you have the chance to restore the original skin tone. Yet, this will take time. Patience is the secret.

If you notice dark spots on your skin, this means your skin is producing too much melanin. What actually trigger the skin to produce more melanin? There are a variety of elements such as your age, your hormones, your post acne and the hot sun that can cause dark spots. All these factors can trip the skin’s protective mechanism, causing more melanin to be produced in that area.

Most dermatologists would recommend hydroquinone-based treatment to reduce the appearance of dark spots. Many people claims to see results with hydroquinone as it inhibits melanin synthesis until the skin stops producing melanin permanently. It also depigments any dark spots that you may have on your skin.

Some would recommend the use of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) as part of the skin care regimen. It removes layers of dead cells, allowing new cells to form. This should reduce the appearance of dark spots faster. You should see improvements in about a month.

You should never forget to wear sunscreen on the skin that has been treated with hydroquinone. This is where most people fail to do. Hydroquinone will not be able to stop the triggering effects of the UV rays on the melanin production. Applying sunscreen not only blocks the UV rays but also retains the potency of the hydroquinone.

Not every person can tolerate the effects of hydroquinone. You don’t have to break your wallet on surgeries. There are cheaper solutions that you can try first. In the present day, you can enjoy using skin brighteners that are friendly to the skin like Meladerm. They come with natural ingredients which yield similar results as hydroquinone. You will without any doubt pay less than what is being charged by your skin doctor. If fading dark spots is on the top of your priority list, check out this post to find the right product to erase any excess melanin on your skin.

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