Feeling The Pain Wearing High Heel Shoes?

Are your shoes hurting your feet? It is crazy how many people are suffering from foot problems just because their shoes are uncomfortable.

High Heel Shoes
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The College of Podiatry In Britain surveyed 60 podiatrists and 2000 men and ladies. It didn’t surprise me to read that 40% of women are willing to endure the pain just so they can be fashionable. Only 12% of men would choose fashion over comfort. Well, I guess guys have it much easier than women when it comes to looking good. They are not pressured as much. Plus, shopping options are so much more plentiful and varied for women. Okay, I guess it is only fair to say that there’s probably more shopaholic women compared to men too. From the survey, we learned that the women had more pairs of shoes in their shoe cabinets than men. That is no surprise. On the average, the women owned 17 pairs of shoes, and the men had 8 pairs. Good thing Imelda Marcos did not take this survey. She was said to have owned 3000 pairs of shoes.

High heels can make a women look more elegant (and taller) but they can be so bad for you. How long after you put them on does it take your feet to start hurting? According to the report, the majority of women say the discomfort sets in after 1 hour and 6 minutes. Sometimes the pain sets in quicker than that. 20% of the women said it only took 10 minutes before they started to feel pain.

Would you still continue to wear the shoes and bear the pain? Some won’t. 25% of the women in the survey have chosen to dance barefoot while at a bar or nightclub. 1/3 of the women confessed to walking home without shoes when the pain got too much.

I, for one, cannot imagine how anyone can walk comfortably in a 6 inch high heel shoe. However, the young girls seem to like them especially those between the ages 18-24. Not many from those aged 25-42 owned a pair, only 10%.

So, take a guess who you think have more foot problems: men or women? It’s an easy guess… women, or course. 90% of the women have suffered blisters, muscular problems and other types of foot ailments at least once in their life.

Many women don’t like how their feet look. So much so it is an embarrassment to them. 20% of the women in the survey felt this way. 12% even go to the extend of always covering their feet up because they are so ashamed about them.

Lorraine Jones,  a podiatrist from The College of Podiatry points out that many of the foot problems we have are preventable. We should be sensible when it comes to choosing foot wear. Every day we make our feet work hard for us. Jones says “…in a lifetime you will walk in excess of 150,000 miles”. Can you imagine the stress we put on our feet. So it is common for people to complain of problems at some point in their life. However, we should try to be more kind to our feet. Jones recommends minimizing our time on high heels and flip flops. Wearing them once in a while is okay but not constantly. Your feet are better off with a round-toed shoe and heels that are around 3 cm high. Plus, it is very important that you make sure they fit well.

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