Omega-3 May Be Responsible For Prostate Cancer And Child Allergies

Omega 3
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We always believe that omega-3 is good for our health but the recent two studies show otherwise. It is said that omega-3 is linked to childhood allergies and prostate cancer based on these studies.

A research led by three Swedish universities reported that allergy was more likely to form in newborns if they were found with high amounts of unsaturated fats in their blood. This was a comparison with other newborns with lower levels of unsaturated fats.

“It is already known that unsaturated fatty acids inhibit activation of the immune system. This can be useful when you are old. But the baby’s immune system needs to get a kick start, otherwise it does not develop properly.” Agnes Wold, Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska University Hospital

This study contradicted with another medical reported that showed the risk of developing allergy among children would be reduced if they were fed with omega-3 rich fish at the early age.
Yet Ann-Sofie Sandberg, a food science professor advised that we should not remove fish entirely from our diet just because the studies said so.

“Fish is so much more than just omega-3 fatty acids. One cannot conclude from our study that pregnant women and young children should not eat fish.” Ann-Sofie Sandberg

In another separate study which is found in Britain’s Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the risk of developing prostate cancer shot up between 43% and 71 due to three omega-3 fatty acids. This risk should not be taken lightly because chances are the tumors can be life threatening. This discovery was supported by US Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center which could not understand how fatty acids could trigger prostate cancer. Probably taking omega-3 supplements could be the issue.

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