Paracetamol Not Effective For Lower-Back Pain Or Arthritis

One of the leading cause of disability is lower back pain. One leading cause of this global disability is osteoarthritis of the knee or hip. Paracetamol is known to be one highly recommended medication by doctors as the primary treatment for both osteoarthritis and pain in the lower back. One very well-known medication in the country at these times is acetaminophen, specifically Tylenol.

New studies have been made which claims that painkillers, like acetaminophen and paracetamol, are not effective when it comes to reducing pain in the back as well as arthritis. Maybe it’s time to look for something better. As this new evidence has been released, this form of treatment recommendation should be reconsidered.

The researchers at the George Institute and the University of Sydney reported that paracetamol fails to ease back pain. In comparison to a placebo, its effect on osteoarthritis is very minimal. This observation was made after they reviewed 13 studies. As compared with placebo, there is only minimal effect brought about by paracetamol to osteoarthritis. No beneficial effects can be acquired from painkillers when it comes to the reduction of patient’s disability and the improvement of their quality of live. For that matter, there has been a conclusion indicating that the advantages of using painkillers simply do not outweigh its risks involved.

There have also been results claiming that paracetamol is associated with a much higher risk in toxicity of the liver when using paracetamol for osteoarthritis and pain in the lower back. In comparison with the people who make use of placebo, those that take this medication were likely to have four times more abnormal results in the function tests of their liver.

Liver toxicity is not the only concern. Another study suggests that paracetamol may increase the risks of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and renal disease among adults.

You would know that the company that created Tylenol, they had disputed the findings revealed in this study with the results of the one hundred fifty studies they have conducted. There are a few experts who had agreed that there must be a careful review made prior to the acceptance of the things recommended in the study.

There are numerous doctors who have worried so much about the fact that for patients who are suffering from osteoarthritis and pain in the lower back, there may be no primary treatments available. In that case, so many patients would likely be reliant on addictive substances such as narcotic to relieve their pain when these drugs would be removed in the market.

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