Reduce Blood Pressure With Beetroot Juice

Need a quick way to lower your blood pressure? Try drinking a cup of beetroot juice. Within a few hours of drinking it, you’ll see your blood pressure drop.

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Researchers from Queen Mary University of London, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry found this to be true. They published their research on the 15th April in the journal Hypertension. Subjects that drank 250mL of beetroot juice daily experienced about a 10mm Hg drop in the blood pressure levels. They reported that the effects of the beetroot lasted up till 24 hours, however the drop was most between 3-6 hours after taking it.

This British researchers are not the only one to link beetroot juice to lower blood pressure. Australian scientists from Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne also recorded an average reduction of 4-5 points when a group of men drank beetroot juice. The results were within hours after ingestion. Their study can be found in Nutrition Journal in the month of December.

So, what is so special about beetroots?

Experts are pinpointing it’s high nitrate content as the key to its ability to lower blood pressure.  Other vegetables that are high in nitrate include lettuce, fennel and cabbage. But I don’t think you’ll be interested in juicing those vegetables. Beetroot juice has a raw, earthy taste. It takes a little getting used to. Most people will juice together with apples or oranges. Sometimes ginger is added too.

It actually has a lot of stuff that is also good for the heart such as vitamin K, vitamin C, polyphenols (antioxidant) and fiber.

So, if you seriously want to get your blood pressure down quickly, get juicing those beetroots.

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