Why You Should Skip Soda Drinks

Soda may be delicious to the taste but it is hazardous to the health. Many of us do not fully realize the amount of sugar we are chugging down our throats. You may say that you don’t really drink that much soda. You will want to take note of a recent European study that warns of the consequences of having even one can of soda a day. That one little can raises your risk of diabetes by 22%.

Soda Drinks
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The study was carried out by the Imperial College London, UK. It involved more than 12400 Type 2 diabetic sufferers. Their diets were compared to 16000 controls. The subjects spanned over 9 European countries. In Europe, this is considered the biggest study to look at the relationship between drinking soft drinks and Type 2 diabetes. So, besides making your weight go up, soda puts you at higher risk of getting diabetes.

Now, you may ask if the research took into account the weight of the subjects since we know that weight can influence diabetes. It is more likely for overweight people to become diabetic. Well, according to Dr. Dora Romaguera, the lead researcher, the risk increased even for those people who were normal weight. Even after taking into account the weight of the subjects and their diet, the risk of getting diabetes was 18% if they drank one can of soda per day. You can read more of the research in the online journal Diabetologia.

I know habits are hard to break. So if you really need a flavored drink with your meals, it is time to look for an alternative that is a healthier option. They say water is the best but not everybody wants to go from ‘sweet’ to ‘tasteless’. Here’s a suggestion, cut a slice of lime or lemon and add it to your glass of water. You might want to consider preparing a jar of fruit or herb infused water. Just slice up fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, blueberries, strawberries and watermelon. You could try a mixture of fruits and even add mint, basil or lavender. Some people use cucumber as well. You get a pleasant flavor without the sugar.

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