Vasalgel, The New Male Birth Control

It is difficult to persuade guys to wear condom. Look at what Gates Foundation has done last year. It offered a contest for revolutionary condoms that will boost pleasure. Maybe this could get men to wear condoms. Do you know as a woman you can get a script from the Planned Parenthood? This script will teach what to say when your lover rejects the use of condoms.
It is not so much about getting men to use some forms of birth control. In fact, both men and women are reluctant to use any contraceptive. For men, they have limited options. Even with the existing options, most of them are not using them.

A study by the Centers for Disease Control revealed that between 2006 and 2010, the usage of condom dropped by 4%. A staggering figure was manifested in the teenage group where the decline showed nearly 50%. The declining rate could be linked to the increased use of other birth control methods. We can safely conclude that there was a drop in men using birth control but a rise in women’s contraceptive usage.

For men who hate wearing condoms, try Vasalgel. This would be a great solution if you are worried about accidental pregnancy which can cause a big chunk of your salary for 18 years.

But this is not a normal injection as it is not going into your butt or arm. Vasalgel is injected into the connecting tube between the testes with the urethra. This will keep the sperms in the testicles. It is not a permanent effect like vasectomies. It can be reversed with another microscopic shot.

The cost of Vasalgel is not revealed yet. You only need one jab. So far, the result is promising. Since it can be undone easily, it looks like we have a winner.

It is not available now. But you should expect Vasalgel in the market probably by 2017.

Don’t let women alone to shoulder the responsibilities. Men should be taking a more active role in their reproductive futures.

If you don’t mind to spread your legs, then Vasalgel is an option to think about. However, if you can’t even want to wear a condom, would you be willing to let your doctor jab your scrotum? This is something I would like to look forward to.

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